MedFly Animal Health

MEDFLY - Animal Health, is an exclusive innovation driven Veterinary pharmaceutical company headquartered in Mumbai, India. MEDFLY Healthcare manufactures and markets high quality Medicines for Canine, Poultry and Equine through its strategically prominent marketing nodes in emerging markets. MEDFLY has a broad portfolio of Animal healthcare products which is highly diversified by species and therapeutic areas.


 To improve the health and wellness of companion animal and poultry worldwide by providing innovative Animal Healthcare products with the highest levels of quality, safety & efficacy.


 Be a trusted partner to our clients by providing quality animal healthcare products and services.



    Medfly commercializes a diverse portfolio of animal health medicines which comply with the most modern standards of manufacturing of our product range.

    We've been fiercely dedicated to develop superior Animal Healthcare Solutions through innovative product portfolio.



If you are a distributor of veterinary products, please inquire with us about product registration, importing and/or marketing our veterinary products in your country or region. We seek to drive continued advances through strategic partnerships.



The team at Medfly includes experienced & qualified professionals with a significant rate of Ph.D. degrees, ensuring science at stage of product development.